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this will be revise soon if the approval of rules will be implemented:
 this will be for the mean time

Pornography is not allowed

Posting of pornography is not allowed
These Include
-pornographic images
-pornographic videos
-links of pornographic websites
-words or sentences that can be related to pornography
- in the mean time no posting of image or videos for security reasons
  for no  pornography will happened
- Only Administrators and Moderators can post Images and Videos

Note that we will punish those who cannot follow this rule

Bad or Obscene words

this depends on the gravity of the statement you have made. The Bad bombs that could really affect a person are not allowed.

however,words like stupid, abno, bundol etc..if used to endear the other members or joke about something will be allowed however, a report by causer about using these words to an extended and bad degree will reacted upon accordingly.

Sanctions will be forced upon students who fail to comply so.


Posting spam (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) is warn-able. Posting spam in outside areas in which it is permissible will inquire in a warning upon first action. If you (as user) insist on continuing with such activities, an infraction will be issued and your account will be temporarily suspended and your case will be submitted to be revised by both the forum Administration and the Staff. The amount of suspended days will depend on how many times you've have infringed this rule.

Chatbox Rules

1.) If your comments within the chatbox are reported by another member as offensive, you will be warned, and possibly banned.

2.)Be mindful of your peers. Not everyone may want to participate in aparticular conversation. If someone else in the chatbox expresses thatthey are uncomfortable, then please cease that conversation. Refusingto do so may lead to banning.

Signature Rules

Please remember that the size limit for signatures is 600x150 pixels.

No signatures with images of obscene or profane nature.
Avoid signatures that convey an offensive message.

Avatar Rules/Info

No avatars with images of obscene or profane nature.
Avoid avatars that convey an offensive message.

avatars must be 150wx200h in dimensions

we are also planning to launch theme avatars in a certain period of time..

note: avoid using your own pics as it may propose trouble with copyright and certain privacy policies.

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